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The Power of Education

General 2 Aug

Knowledge is power! With education comes limitless possibilities.

Are our kids learning the essentials in life? Are they being empowered to make life-changing decisions when they enter into the real world of economics?

The education that most kids in senior secondary school receive these days focuses on biology, math, physics, chemistry, English, physical education, social studies, mechanics, wood-working and home economics, not real life!

What about personal finance? We need to teach our kids about everyday economics.

Most people remember when they got their first credit card. What a disaster that was (for some people). If we aren’t taught about how to use credit, it can quickly get out of hand. Most people think that if they have a $1,000 limit all is good as long as they don’t exceed the limit —FALSE! Credit scores strengthen and increase if balances are at or less than 30% of the limit. There you go, you may have just learned something. What are most teenagers more concerned with, the growth of one’s mutual fund or the latest and greatest Apple product.

Why not educate our kids about credit, day-to-day banking, mortgage financing, stocks, mutual funds etc… before leaving the protective confines of the International Bank of Mom and Dad. 

My entire mortgage practice is based solely on information and education — just look at the title of this blog. ALL of my clients are provided options in order for them to make an informed choice. I encourage all my clients to ask as many questions as possible, if there are unanswered questions then I am not doing my job correctly.

It’s never too late to learn. The brain is a muscle that constantly needs exercise and craves new data. Keep feeding it. Ask questions, even if the answer seems obvious. Maybe the person answering will put a slightly different twist on the topic and reveal something new to you. This business I’m involved in yield new information on a daily basis, I thrive on it and it’s a necessity of survival.

Education is a priority for me, it should be for you too!

By: Michael Hallett